Kempton Steam Museum

Thursday, 25 July 2013

First and foremost i thought that this would be a great afternoon out for my nephews, but i'll be honest, it was also a great opportunity to check out Kempton Steam Museum as a potential venue for a portrait session.

*** I would LOVE to shoot a Couples Portrait Session here!! The architecture is incredible and the lighting so beautiful. There is so many opportunities for composition and framing. Any readers out there who would love to have a session here leave me a comment and I'll be in touch. So fast. ***

The kids had such a great time they could barely stay still. Kempton Steam Engine Trust is a registered charity run by wonderful volunteers and a fantastic way to support them is to head over on one of their well run Steam Weekends. The steam train is open every Sunday but the Steam Weekends where the engines run are on selected weekends. I am looking forward to the October weekend where there will be a Titanic Exhibition. For more information and opening times, click right here!

childrens portrait Ripley

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Two more from the shoot in Ripley, the buttercups in her fingers? She said one for her and one for her sister. She fell asleep in the car still clutching them and gave them to her sister wilted but with so much love!

And i think i might have a lead on another poppy field!

Where are the poppy fields in Surrey?

Friday, 12 July 2013

I've been searching for luscious fields of poppies everywhere. After some extensive arm chair searching I learnt that in 2012 there was such a field just off the A3 motorway at the Ripley/Send turn off. So on one of the hottest days of the Summer armed with a Sat Nav and some determination I set off. Two hours later in seething hot traffic - thanks Mr. Jack Knifed the Lorry - I arrived in Send and confronted with fields and farmland and little country lanes I realised the ridiculousness of my quest. I had no idea where to go! I drove around aimlessly and had just about given up when i happened upon a tiny field with a small scattering of poppies. The sign said public foot path but the chained gate indicated that it was perhaps private property, still I'd come all this way, i meant no harm, and i would be very very quick. I only managed these few, Willa had fallen asleep, who could blame her, and and she wasn't playing ball. Not even the promise of ice cream could raise a smile.

Hopefully i will have better luck at my next destination Mayfield Lavender.....

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