A Hindu Wedding in West Sussex

Monday, 27 May 2013

I was recently invited to a Hindu wedding and i felt incredibly privileged to be there, when we walked in to the ballroom and saw the gold Mandap lit with golden lights i got tingles, and oh the colours! The colours were incredible from the sari's, and the lights to the food. The women were all so beautiful with flowers woven in to their hair. I was really struck by the number of little children running around, which is a joy missing at weddings I've been to. The ceremony was  so rich in beautiful symbolism. In the end i just had to put the camera down and drink it all in, but here are the few i did take.

Michael & Steph Little Worth Common Portrait Photography

Friday, 10 May 2013

I have an Apple Mac! I never thought I'd have an Apple Mac right now, it was a dream in the distant future. My husband believes in me, that i can get a photography business off the ground. Waiting for my disc drive so i can install Lightroom 4 but i couldn't resist one more edit on my old PC of this portrait session.

Didn't i tell you these guys were in love?

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